February Art Exhibit

In January and February we will be pleased to host the fine Illustrations and photography of
Steffan Lucas. Here is what we have learned about the artist:

Steffan Lucas has spent the bulk of his adult life becoming familiar with the world’s philosophical and religious literature–his aim being to identify and dismantle the individual elements of his own belief systems in order to rebuild himself into a self-created mythic entity. In the meantime, he amuses himself with an ever-changing mélange of activities that include writing, dreaming, information processing, and consciousness-exploration.

Steffan also draws and paints, preferring the precision of graphite to accomplish his formal studies but growing increasingly fond of the striking boldness of woodcut printmaking. In his more imaginistic works, such as Enigma of the Origin, he strives to evoke a sense of the numinous by manufacturing a sense of metaphysical tension through the dynamic interplay of elusively symbolic imagery.

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