Haiku Winners!


    Winner – Athena S.
    ~Poor little Pluto
    He used to be a planet
    But now his is not
    Honorable Mention – Trinity S.
    ~Who’s that superstar,
    Who shines brightly in the sky?
    It’s our Sun, of course!


    Winner – Andrew W.
    At the heart of the dark star
    Untouched by all life

    Honorable Mention – Olivia P.
    ~Burning stars shine bright
    Through a never ending night
    Planets spin and dance


    Winner – Therena M.
    ~Awed, Infinity,
    Mysterious, Expansion,
    Space, Beyond the edge

    Honorable Mention – Sean F.
    ~From beginning to
    End, We learn that there is no
    Beginning or end

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Growing Herbs Workshop!

North Plains Library is proud to present the first in our series of Culinary Literacy events!
Please join us on Saturday, June 24th at 9:30 am at the library on for the presentation Growing Herbs.

Growing herbs can be a sensory delight. There are culinary herbs, aromatic herbs and herbs that attract beneficial insects. But considering the high cost of fresh herbs, why not grow your own? OSU Extension Service Master Gardener, Sandy Japely will share the tips, techniques and plant recommendations for starting your own herb garden.

Topics covered will be starting your beds, planting times, maintenance and harvesting. OSU Extension Service recommended varieties will also be shared.

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NEW! Cultural Pass online reservations

Did you know that your WCCLS library card can get you free admission to nine local cultural destinations? It’s true, but until now that admission has required coordination with your local library as well as a visit there to pick up a physical pass.

Starting May 8, you will be able to reserve Admission Passes to these destinations from the comfort of your own home. This service allows WCCLS library cardholders to browse destinations by date or venue and reserve, print or cancel admission tickets online. The new reservation system makes it easy to plan your next adventure or family trip!

Check www.wccls.org/culturalpass beginning May 8 to learn more.

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Library Book Club

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 – Last Bus to Wisdom – Ivan Doig

The final novel from a great American storyteller.

Donal Cameron is being raised by his grandmother, the cook at the legendary Double W ranch in Ivan Doig’s beloved Two Medicine Country of the Montana Rockies, a landscape that gives full rein to an eleven-year-old’s imagination. But when Gram has to have surgery for “female trouble” in the summer of 1951, all she can think to do is to ship Donal off to her sister in faraway Manitowoc, Wisconsin. There Donal is in for a rude surprise: Aunt Kate–bossy, opinionated, argumentative, and tyrannical—is nothing like her sister. She henpecks her good-natured husband, Herman the German, and Donal can’t seem to get on her good side either. After one contretemps too many, Kate packs him back to the authorities in Montana on the next Greyhound. But as it turns out, Donal isn’t traveling solo: Herman the German has decided to fly the coop with him. In the immortal American tradition, the pair light out for the territory together, meeting a classic Doigian ensemble of characters and having rollicking misadventures along the way.

Charming, wise, and slyly funny, Last Bus to Wisdom is a last sweet gift from a writer whose books have bestowed untold pleasure on countless readers.

New patrons are always welcome to join our book discussions.

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May Quilt Display

Candii’s mom) started quilting in 2006 and has finished over 50 quilts, with several of them being king and queen size quilts. Most of her ‘spare’ time is spent in front of the sewing machine, cutting out fabric, looking for new patterns or shopping for material. Her mind pretty much never shuts off from quilting.

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We Welcome All Community Members


The North Plains Public Library reaffirms that we welcome and serve every member of our community. As we witness unrest across our nation following this month’s historic national election, and learn about acts of violence, discrimination and bigotry in our communities, we remind everyone that public libraries are a refuge and a place of common ground. We welcome and include all people, and want every member of our community to feel safe and comfortable using our spaces and resources. We expect that library users will show each other the same respect.

As the American Library Association President, Julie Todaro, wrote, “Our nation’s libraries serve all community members, including people of color, immigrants, people with disabilities, and the most vulnerable in our communities, offering services and educational resources that transform communities, open minds and promote inclusion and diversity.”

The libraries of Washington County encourage you to use our libraries for education, entertainment and enlightenment. We continue to welcome everyone into our libraries, our shared community gathering spaces.