Library Board Municipal Code



1.25.010 Establishment
1.25.020 Membership
1.25.030 Term
1.25.040 Vacancies
1.25.050 Officers
1.25.060 Committees
1.25.070 Meetings
1.25.080 Quorum
1.25.090 Agendas
1.25.100 Minutes
1.25.110 Voting
1.25.120 Board Authority, Delegation and Requests
1.25.130 Written Recommendation
1.25.140 Addressing the Board
1.25.150 Funding and Expenditures
1.25.160 Responsibilities

1.25.010 Establishment

For the purposes hereinafter stated, there is hereby established a City of North Plains Library Board.

1.25.020 Membership

The Library Board of the City shall consist of five voting members and shall be appointed by the City Council. Library Board members shall receive no compensation, but shall be reimbursed for duly authorized expenses.

At least three members of the Library Board shall be residents of the City of North Plains. No more than two voting members shall be engaged in the same kind of business or trade, or profession.

In addition, the Mayor shall appoint on a revolving basis, one City Council member to serve as an ex-officio non-voting member of the Library Board, to communicate City Council policy on matters before the Library Board, and to be a liaison between the City Council and Library Board.

A member may be removed by the City Council, after a hearing, for misconduct or non-performance of duty. Any vacancy shall be filled by the City Council for the unexpired term.

1.25.030 Term

All Library Board member terms shall begin on July 1 and expire on June 30. Each term shall be for a period of four years. Should a Library Board member resign before his or her term has expired, a substitute shall be appointed and approved by the City Council. No person shall hold appointment as a member for more than two full consecutive terms, but any person may be appointed again to the Library Board after an interval of one year. The term of office of a Library Board member serving when this chapter is adopted shall be the same term of office for which the Library Board member was appointed prior to the adoption of this chapter.

1.25.040 Vacancies

Any vacancy occurring on the Library Board shall be filled as provided by this rule.

    A. When a vacancy occurs on the Library Board, the City Recorder shall cause to be published a notice of such vacancy, inviting applications to be filed by all interested, qualified candidates. The City Council shall establish a date when all applications must be filed with the City Recorder. The filing of the written application from any person eligible for such office shall be considered as placing that person in nomination.

    B. After the date for filing has expired, the City Recorder shall determine whether the candidates are eligible to serve. Applications of qualified individuals shall be forwarded to the Library Board for review, and those nominees shall be interviewed by the Library Board. The Library Board shall make a recommendation to the City Council. The City Council shall review the recommendation of the Library Board and may also choose to interview all applicants.

    C. When the City Council is satisfied that it has concluded the process of reviewing the qualifications of nominees, the Mayor shall declare the nominations closed and call for a ballot.

1.25.050 Officers

At the first regular meeting after the beginning of each fiscal year, the Library Board shall elect a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Library Board to be effective immediately.

The Chairperson shall preside over Library Board meetings and shall confer with the Library Director to establish meeting agendas.

In the Chairperson’s absence from a Library Board meeting, the Vice-Chairperson shall preside over Library Board meetings and exercise other Chairperson responsibilities. In the absence of both the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, the Library Board may select an acting Chairperson who shall have the above duties during such absence.

The Library Director shall serve as the secretary to the Library Board and keep the record of its actions.

1.25.060 Committees

The Chairperson or Library Board may establish ad hoc or standing committees to perform specified functions. Any authority granted to such committees shall be clearly delegated when creating the committee.

1.25.070 Meetings

Public notice shall be posted prior to all Library Board meetings and shall be in accordance with the current State of Oregon Department of Justice “Attorney General’s Public Records and Meetings Manual.”

Meeting notices and agendas regarding Library Board meetings shall be made available via the City website, and a printed agenda shall be posted on the bulletin board of the North Plains Public Library.

Special meetings or work sessions may be called at any time by the Chairperson of the Library Board or by three voting members of the Library Board by written notice served upon each member and the Library Director at least twenty-four hours before the time specified for the proposed meeting.

    A. Meeting Times
    The North Plains Library Board shall meet at least once a quarter at times and places to be designated by the Library Board.

    B. Meeting Conduct
    Robert’s Rules of Order, latest revised edition, shall be used as the guideline for conduct of Library Board meetings, except in those cases where specific provisions contrary to Robert’s Rules are provided herein.

    The Library Board has an obligation to be clear and simple in its procedures and in the consideration of the questions coming before it. It should avoid invoking the finer points of parliamentary rules which may serve only to obscure the issues and arouse the suspicion of the audience at public meetings and the citizens of the City in general.

    C. Conflicts of Interest
    “Conflicts of Interest” is defined in ORS Chapter 244.

    In the event that any Library Board member shall have an actual or a potential conflict of interest with respect to any matter before the Library Board, the Library Board member shall announce such conflict on the record prior to any consideration, deliberation or decision of the Library Board on the matter and may be excused from the Library Board until consideration of the matter is complete. In any vote on such a matter, an excused Library Board member shall not be considered present for purposes of a quorum.

1.25.080 Quorum

A majority of the voting members of the Library Board shall constitute a quorum.

Library Board members who are unable to attend meetings are asked to notify the Library Board Chairperson and Library Director as soon as possible. Two unexcused absences are grounds for dismissal from the North Plains Library Board.

The Chairperson, or in his/her absence, the Vice-Chairperson of the Library Board, shall call the meeting to order at the hour designated for the meeting. If a quorum is not present, the Library Director shall immediately inform the absent members, except those known to be unavoidably detained, that their presence is required to enable the Library Board to proceed. If the absent member or members do not appear after the notice, the members present shall adjourn until a specific time or until the next regular meeting.

1.25.090 Agendas

    A. Agenda Development
    The Chairperson and Library Director shall prepare an agenda of the business to be presented at a Library Board meeting. The order of discussion of business at Library Board meetings shall be determined by the Chairperson of the Library Board or by the Library Director. Agendas for each meeting shall be submitted by the Library Director to the City Recorder for posting purposes.

    The Library Board agenda shall include the flag salute, roll call, approval of prior minutes, communications from the public on non-agenda items, new business, old business, staff reports and other agenda categories as directed by the Chairperson or Library Board.

    Each agenda shall include the time, date and place of the meeting, and a brief description of the matters to be considered.

    Library Board members may request of the Chairperson or Library Director that specific items be placed on an agenda. No item of business shall be added to an agenda after 5:00 p.m. on the Friday of the week preceding the week of the Library Board meeting for which the agenda has been prepared.

    Matters raised as “new business” at the meeting and which were not previously itemized as agenda items may be discussed, but voting action on these matters shall be deferred to the next regular or special meeting as an agenda item.

    B. Consent Agenda
    In order to make more efficient use of meeting time, the Chairperson may place requests for Minutes approval and other items which are routine in nature and concerning which no debate is expected on a “consent agenda” to be considered at the next regular meeting. Any item placed on the consent agenda shall be removed for separate discussion at the request of the Chairperson or a Library Board member prior to the time a vote is taken on the consent agenda items. All remaining items on the consent agenda shall be disposed of by a single motion “to adopt the consent agenda,” which shall not be debatable. Adoption of the consent agenda shall be by the affirmative vote of all Library Board members present at the time the vote is taken and shall have the same effect as a separate vote for each item. If there are dissenting votes, each item in the consent agenda shall be voted upon separately in the usual manner.

1.25.100 Minutes

Minutes of each meeting shall be submitted by the Library Director to the City Recorder, and shall include at least the following information:

    A. All members of the Library Board present;

    B. All motions, proposals, orders, and rules proposed and their dispositions;

    C. The results of all votes, and the vote of each Library Board member; and

    D. The substance of any discussion on any matter.

    E. The written minutes shall be available to the public for inspection at City Hall upon agenda distribution for the subsequent meeting and shall be maintained as a permanent record of the actions of the Library Board by the City Recorder.

1.25.110 Voting

The vote on every motion shall be taken by voice vote or roll call and entered in full upon the record. It shall not be in order for members to explain their vote during roll call. Any member may change his or her vote prior to the next order of business.

When a question is taken, every member shall vote unless a majority of the Library Board, for special reason, shall excuse said person, but no member shall be permitted to vote on any subject in which he or she has a direct pecuniary interest or in which there is a conflict or potential conflict of interest.

1.25.120 Board Authority, Delegation and Requests

Library Board members shall have authority only to act as part of the Library Board and shall not have individual authority to bind the City or direct the actions of City officers or employees.

Notwithstanding the above paragraph, the Library Board may delegate specific duties or functions to a Library Board member in which case such Library Board member shall have such authority as has been expressly delegated.

Library Board members shall refrain from directing the activities or workloads of City staff members. Individual requests from a Library Board member for staff assistance shall be presented to the Library Director orally or in writing for approval.

1.25.130 Written Recommendation

All recommendations and suggestions made to the City Council by the Library Board shall be in writing.

1.25.140 Addressing the Board

Every Library Board member desiring to speak shall address the Chairperson, and, upon recognition by the Chairperson, shall confine the remarks to the question under debate.

Members of the City’s administrative staff and other City employees desiring to address the Library Board or members of the public shall first be recognized by the Chairperson and shall address such remarks to the Chairperson. The staff may respond to questions or comments by the Library Board or members of the public with permission of the Chairperson.

After recognition, any public member desiring to address the Library Board shall state his/her name and address for the record and limit his/her remarks to the question under discussion. No person shall enter into any discussion without being recognized by the Chairperson.

Any public member addressing the Library Board is limited to five minutes unless further time is granted by the Chairperson. No public member may speak more than once upon any one subject until every other public member choosing to speak thereon has spoken. All remarks will be addressed to the Library Board as a body.

After a motion has been made or after a public hearing has been closed, no public member shall address the Library Board without first securing permission from the majority of the Library Board present.

Any person making personal, impertinent, or otherwise improper remarks, or who becomes boisterous, threatening, or otherwise abusive shall be requested to leave the meeting. Any of the following shall be sufficient cause for the removal of any person for the duration of the meeting:

    A. Loud or disruptive language, noise, or conduct that interferes with the conduct of business by the Library Board.

    B. Intentional damage to the furnishings and/or of the interior of the meeting room.

    C. Refusal to obey an order of the Chairperson or an order which has been approved by a majority of the Library Board present.

1.25.150 Funding and Expenditures

A proposed budget for the North Plains Public Library shall be submitted annually by the Library Director to the City Manager and Finance Director, after review by the Library Board, as a request for funding. This request must be based on guidelines set by the Budget Committee or the City Manager and Finance Director for all City general fund departments. This proposed North Plains Public Library budget is then subject to the same review process as all other City general fund departments.

The Library Board shall have no authority to make expenditures on behalf of the City or to obligate the City for the payment of any sums of money, except as herein provided, and then only after the City Council shall have first authorized such expenditures by appropriate Resolution, which Resolution shall provide the administrative method by which such funds shall be drawn and expended.

1.25.160 Responsibilities

The Library Board shall have the following level of responsibility and authority:

    A. The Library Board may make and alter rules and regulations for its own government and procedure consistent with the laws of the State of Oregon and with the City Charter and Ordinances.

    B. One Library Board member shall be assigned to serve on the Selection Committee for filling any vacancy in the position of Library Director.

    The Library Board Chairman is encouraged to serve as liaison to the City Manager for communicating any concerns or other information about the Library.

    C. The Library Board has the responsibility to periodically evaluate community needs and establish short-term and long-term goals to improve Library services. Each member should take an active role in developing plans for the Library’s future.

    D. The Library Board may develop written rules of governance for the North Plains Public Library, subject to approval by the City Council, such as, but not limited to: collection development, confidentiality of library records, display and distribution of literature, gifts and donations, Internet use, behavior in the library, use of the meeting room, unsupervised and unattended children, volunteers, and youth safety.

    E. The Library Board may select sites for library buildings and/or location of library facilities with the ultimate site to be approved by the City Council.

    F. Library Board members are expected to spend time and energy receiving orientation and ongoing training to become educated regarding the Library’s purpose, history, problems, and needs.

    G. Each Library Board member is encouraged to serve on Library Board committees and participate in ongoing Library Board activities.

    H. Each Library Board member should consider himself or herself a trustee of the Library and do his or her best to ensure that the Library is well maintained, financially secure, growing, and always operating in the best interests of constituents.

    I. The Library Board is expected to support the staff in carrying out Library operations and services.

    J. Each Library Board member is expected to understand and support the basic tenets of the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement.

    K. The Library Board should be knowledgeable about Library services and keep abreast of national and Oregon State Library standards and trends.

    L. Each Library Board member is expected to act as liaison, understanding and interpreting the needs of the public to the Library and the actions of the Library to the public, acting as an advocate for the Library in the community.

    M. The Library Board is encouraged to establish, support, and participate in a public relations and marketing program in coordination with staff efforts.

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Municipal Code Revision date – 05/03/2010

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