Haiku Winners!


    Winner – Athena S.
    ~Poor little Pluto
    He used to be a planet
    But now his is not
    Honorable Mention – Trinity S.
    ~Who’s that superstar,
    Who shines brightly in the sky?
    It’s our Sun, of course!


    Winner – Andrew W.
    At the heart of the dark star
    Untouched by all life

    Honorable Mention – Olivia P.
    ~Burning stars shine bright
    Through a never ending night
    Planets spin and dance


    Winner – Therena M.
    ~Awed, Infinity,
    Mysterious, Expansion,
    Space, Beyond the edge

    Honorable Mention – Sean F.
    ~From beginning to
    End, We learn that there is no
    Beginning or end

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